Georgia VOAD currently has the following committees

These committees are not tied to a particular disaster, but instead focus on their subject matter throughout the year to create guidance documents, best practices, and other resources for the Georgia VOAD membership and the general public.

Standing Committees

  1. The EC shall be comprised of the officers identified in section VII, and the most recent past  249 president that still represents an eligible organization.
  2. The EC shall approve or disapprove presidential appointments for unexpired terms of  251 secretary and treasurer.
  3. The EC shall make recommendations to and conduct business on behalf of GVOAD between  253 regular scheduled meetings of GVOAD.
  4. The EC shall operate on behalf of other standing committees as needed.
  5. The EC will represent the membership interests in the organization and to represent the  256 organization as its legal voice by practicing duty of loyalty, duty of care, and duty of obedience.

  1. The Membership Committee shall encourage organizations to consider membership in  260 GVOAD. 
  2. The Membership Committee shall encourage retention of member organizations, and their 262 participation in all aspects of GVOAD business.
  3. The Membership Committee shall review membership qualifications and make  264 recommendation as needed to the EC for inclusion at a regularly scheduled GVOAD meeting.


  1. The By-Laws Committee shall review the By-Laws at least annually.  
  2. The By-Laws Committee shall make recommendation as needed to the EC for inclusion at a  270 regularly scheduled GVOAD meeting.  

  1. Ad Hoc Committees may be created and/or terminated, as needed, by the EC.
  2. The mission, scope, composition, and term of such committees shall be determined by the EC.